Is bogging considered news? ASU’s Downtown Journalism School is teaching otherwise.

Write about something that you are less passionate about.

That was the response my ASU professor left me with after I explained to him that I could not write about the long and wide debate about whether or not blogging is considered journalism in “under a minute and ten seconds on-air”.

I wanted to write my story about the influential bloggers in the Downtown Phoenix area that were effecting the day to day trends both here in AZ and even outside to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, when I suggested this story idea, I was met with a cold “blogging is not news” speech by my professor.


So I did my own research on ‘news’.

News is defined as the following by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1 :Β  a report of recent events

2 :Β  previously unknown informationΒ 

3 :Β  something having a specified influence or effect

And the definition of newsworthy is ‘interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting’, as told by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

A newspaper itself is not newsworthy or news—what is written and produced on that newspaper is NEWS. The New York Times and The National Enquirer are considered news because of the stories printed upon them– NOT because they are words on paper.

In the same way not everything produced on the television is news and not everything spoken on the radio is news. Someone ranting about their love life on the radio does not make it newsworthy. Someone ranting on a blog does not make it newsworthy either (note: if you believe this post is just a rant feel free to provide your opinion in the comments section).

Newspapers, the television, the radio and the internet are the MEDIUMS by which news is spread and not news in themselves.

So if you are blogging, and the information that you are sharing is ‘interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting’, then you are WRITING NEWS.

It is so ridiculous to have Professors and other Journalism “masters” sharing their disbelief and horror in today’s super-trendy and money driven news culture, but then rejecting the obvious answer and universal standard of the 1st amendment: blogging.

Yes, it is a trial and error run because half of the people on here are writing whatever and whoever for attention but that is absolutely no different from Miley Cyrus doing whatever the ef she wants and me watching it being reported for hours on end on Fox News.

So blogging is our chance (this goes out to my fellow bloggers) to RE-WRITE the news.

Shopping, trending, beauty, makeup- I LOVE WRITING ABOUT ALL OF THIS- is it news? yes, if it meets the above criteria.

Is it hard news? no, but several blogging corporations are turning towards just that.

Are you as an individual now free to do your own research, conduct your own investigation, and then share that information on a worldwide platform also called a blog- HELL YES.

And we should be. Blogging is how we, THE PEOPLE- not the celebrities, not the extremely-wealthy or viciously-power hungry, but the AVERAGE, EVERYDAY PERSON should be the one deciding what is news and what deserves our attention.

P.S. This article is dedicated to that professor. Sorry I could not find something to be “less passionate” about for your assignment.

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